Economics Lectures by Professor John Hearn

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of economics with Professor John Hearn's engaging and informative lectures! Whether you're a first-year undergraduate or just curious about the subject, these videos will help you understand key concepts and develop critical thinking skills. In addition to the core economics and banking/finance lectures, Professor Hearn also offers thought-provoking talks on controversial topics that challenge conventional wisdom. And if you're interested in exploring his ideas further, don't miss the blog articles dating back to 2015.

Prices, Market and Competition - Economics Playbook 3, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito and Ikhram Merican (7 August 2022)

According to a senior economist, prices cannot be let to market forces in a small market like Malaysia. Is that true? Should the government fix prices? Ikhram Merican discussed with Dr Carmelo Ferlito, CEO of the Center for Market Education, the nature of prices, the process of competition and the link with the market process. This educational video is brought to you by Hexamatics and the Center for Market Education.

The Economic Impact of Working-From-Home, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito (15 May 2021)

Work from home (WFH) is the new buzzword in the organization of the Covid-19 era. Is it the best thing to happen since sliced bread? Ikhram Merican, from the White Collar Playbook, spoke to Dr. Carmelo Ferlito, an economist and CEO of the Center for Market Education, to gain some insights.

Can the Government Save the Housing Market?, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito (28 May 2020)

Dr Carmelo Ferlito (IDEAS Senior Fellow and Center for Market Education Director) discussed with Ikhram Merican and Gunaprasath Bupalan the economic impact of Covid-19, the Malaysian government answer and the impact on the property market.

Bursting Bubbles: Tulips, Houses and Trendy Beverages (by Dr C. Ferlito, 9 Aug 2019)

Aira Azhari spoke to Dr Carmelo Ferlito, IDEAS Senior Fellow, on bubbles. From the Tulipmania to the housing bubbles and the bubble tea bubble. Are bubbles inherent in modern economies? Can we avoid it?

Inflation - The Misconceptions of Everything, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito and Ikhram Merican (25/5/2022)

Hexamatics and the Center for Market Education (CME) bring to you a video explaining what inflation is and what inflation is not.

Indonesia's New Capital City: A Good Idea? - Provalindo Nusa and CME

Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) announced the plan to move the national capital city from Jakarta, on the island of Java, to the province of East Kalimantan, in Borneo. The plan (Nusantara) is a very ambitious project, which, in our view, poses more threats and challenges than giving opportunities to the country. In this paper, we argue that the difficulties implied in moving the Indonesian capital city from Jakarta to a city that needs to be built from scratch are not simply of a technical nature; they are ontological. While many urban planners would like to design cities as if they could be works of art, with a top-down process, without the guidance provided by market prices and the recognition of the complex network of evolutionary human relationships constituting a city, costly utopias rather than beautiful dreams would emerge.

CME Presents a Real Plan To Fight COVID-19 in Malaysia (12/7/2021)

The Center for Market Education (CME) published a new policy paper titled Fighting COVID-19 in Malaysia: Mass Testing and Other Reasonable Proposals, co-authored by Dr Carmelo Ferlito (CEO, Center for Market Education, Malaysia), Dr Salvatore Chirumbolo (Clinic Biochemical Scientist, Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences, University of Verona, Italy), Dr Consilz Tan (Senior Lecturer in Economics, School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University (XMUM), Malaysia), Dr Veerinderjeet Singh (President of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants & the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Malaysia), Jochen Fries (Entrepreneur, Malaysia), Steven Sieff (Greenbandredband, United Kingdom), Carmine Iavazzo (Entrepreneur, Malaysia), Yow Chuan Lee (Entrepreneur, Malaysia) and Sergio Maria Calzolari (Business Advisor, ASEAN).

“The present paper is the coordinated effort of scholars and people from the civil society to offer a contribution to find a solution to fight COVID-19 without destroying the social and economic structure of the country”, declared Dr Ferlito. “We believe that we offered a fresh analysis grounded in a sounder trade-off analysis and on the principle of individual responsibility. Contrary to what we have seen so far, this is indeed a plan”.

The paper is an attempt to analyze the dynamic of COVID-19 in Malaysia and to provide a comprehensive, implementable policy plan to reverse the emergency, while allowing the economy to get back on a growth path. Such a plan is based on the superior outcomes produced by decentralized decision processes, and is thus centered on mass, frequent and affordable testing and on targeted protection, in the light of a balanced trade-off analysis.

Individuals, the state and the economic process, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito (8/4/2021)

Lecture 8 of "Economics for Real People", a course promoted by the Center for Market Education. Dr Carmelo Ferlito, CEO of the Center for Market Education, examines the internal contradictions in government planning and intervention in the economic system, with the consequences on the system of power and rules. The lecture is based on the calculation and knowledge arguments developed by Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich A. von Hayek during the so-called Socialist Economic Calculation Debate.

The Government Control over the Economy, with Dr Carmelo Ferlito

A podcast brought to you by the Center for Market Education.