Research On-Demand – Our Full-Bodied Coffee, Roasted to Perfection for You

As we are born naked and we immediately and instinctively feel the need to get covered, so we are naturally born ignorant but with a deep desire for knowledge; like clothes fulfil the first desire, so research fulfils the second.  

In a multifaceted and fast-evolving world, research becomes an essential companion for businesses too, in the attempt to successfully surf the waves of always-new challenges. Research is CME core business, and our international pool of experts can assist your economic activity with different types of products:

  • Market research

Do you wish to know more about the potential of a certain market and how to exploit it? Thanks to a mix of academic and corporate expertise, we can map different product markets, identify their criticalities and suggest the best moves for a successful venture. Our analysis includes both economic and institutional elements, providing comprehensive outlooks and risk assessments, based on both macro and micro elements.  

  • Policy impact

Governments continuously take decisions which have direct and indirect consequences for enterprises. Do you want to know how the next regulatory framework is going to impact your business? We can not only evaluate how and how much policies are relevant for businesses and their impact on the national economy, but we can also suggest alternative measures that can be more impactful for a specific industry and its value chain. 

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CME Monthly Espresso – Our Caffeinated Wisdom to Energize Your Business Strategy, One Bean at a Time

Do you struggle to navigate through the sea of Malaysia’s economic data? Our Monthly Espresso is what you need! Finally, an economic monthly bulletin designed to help businesspeople, policy makers and economic analysts to navigate through the most important data of the Malaysian economy.

Each month our espresso will focus on highlighting the most important data released by local and international institutions. Those data will be accompanied by an extensive commentary – a perspective – written by our CEO, Dr Carmelo Ferlito, to help you understanding why they matter and which trends they suggest. In fact, the target is to help “busy people” to make better-informed and faster decisions.

CME Coffee Bar – The Life of an Economic Analyst Made Easy, like Sipping a Cup of Coffee

Where can I find recent and old data about the Malaysian economy? Ask no more: CME designed the first one-stop economic data centre specifically dedicated to Malaysia. All the information you need about the national economy finally available in the same place and in a user-friendly format: dashboards and tables that you can use to build graphs and where you can zoom in by period or industry.

Economist On-Call – Coffee Delivery, but in a Porcelain Cup

As economists and business analysts, we can write papers for you. But what if you could have us at your doorstep? CME is offering you the possibility “to rent” our CEO, Dr Carmelo Ferlito, and have him exclusively for you in your office for two hours each month. You pick up the topic, and Dr Ferlito will prepare a presentation for you and your team, shading light on the issue from both an economic and a business perspective. Twelve stimulating sessions at a very affordable price!

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Business Support – Not on Coffee Alone that a Business Shall Live

Data, research, advisory… All these elements are essential for impactful decisions. But then, indeed, decisions are made for businesses to thrive.

Have you decided to open an office in Malaysia or in Indonesia? CME and its partners can assist you from a legal perspective to get a firm incorporated in the blink of an eye; but we can assist you also with HR recruitment processes and management, employment of record, payrolling and accounting.

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