Understanding the Driving Forces of the Market Process

Grasping the Unintended Consequences of Policy Making

Understanding the Driving Forces of the Market Process

"Grasping the Unintended Consequences of Policy Making"

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Our intention is to promote better understanding of the driving forces of the market process

The market is often looked at as a state of affair, to be judged by its outcomes, and somehow potentially subject to central direction. Such a perspective fails to appreciate the complex dynamics that generates those outcomes: consequences are the result of human actions and interactions. Moreover, the consequences are often unintended and the market outcome can be defined as the result of human action but not of human design (spontaneous order).

About Us

The Center for Market Education (CME) is a boutique consulting firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with additional offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangkok, Thailand, along with an academic center in Taiwan. Specializing in industry research, policy impact analysis, management advisory, business analytics using Power BI, and macroeconomic projections, CME offers a comprehensive range of services. Supported by an extensive network of Fellows and experts across various disciplines, CME not only delivers effective research and consulting but also serves as a preferred partner for events, tailor-made trainings, and economics and business courses.

Our Services

The Center for Market Education (CME) positions itself as a strategic partner, committed to assisting businesses in shaping a forward-looking vision for future development. Operating primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia, CME offers an array of services tailored to meet business needs. These include business operation services and advisory, feasibility studies, industry reports, accounting, payrolling, financial reporting, management and strategic advisory, and business analytics utilizing Power BI. Additionally, CME provides expertise in policy and economic trends, offering analysis on policy impacts, macroeconomic data and projections, and insights into economic trends and their effects on businesses. Furthermore, CME serves as a learning center, facilitating event organization, delivering tailor-made business trainings, and offering economics and policy courses.