Advisory Board


Vittorio Furlan

Vittorio is an international leader in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation with a 25-year career marked by supporting clients across various industries in embracing AI and starting digital businesses. As the Founder and Managing Director of Foray Advisory, a boutique consultancy, he specializes in guiding businesses through digital transformation, data, and generative AI.

In addition to his consultancy work, Vittorio is an active angel investor and advisor to innovative startups in fields like autonomous retail, generative AI, fashion, and entertainment. His previous roles include positions at Axiata, EY, and Accenture, where he honed his skills in AI and digital strategy. Vittorio holds an Executive MBA in Strategic Management from UNSW, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a Diploma in Business & Accounting. He is also formally qualified as a board director with Malaysian ICDM.

An Italian Australian, Vittorio has lived in Malaysia for more than seven years and has extensive experience working in the Southeast Asia region

Ikhram Merican

Ikhram Merican is the Regional Director of Hexamatics Servcomm, a certified content marketer, public speaker, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Buying Property.

Notable for his diverse expertise in business development, content creation and people management, Ikhram Merican has experience across various fields including telecommunications, hospitality, property and human resource outsourcing.

Ikhram passionately believes that leadership should be focused on developing people.

Key highlights of his achievements include:

  • Building high performance teams that deliver results in multiple industries. He has trained over 1000 people in sales, productivity, entrepreneurship, and time- management.

  • Establishing processes to deliver a “world-class employee experience”

  • Winning multiple awards for sales in the property industry

  • Building organization-wide competency in full-turnkey telecommunications rollout and securing such projects. He built and project managed teams that delivered mission- critical and complex services like greenfield radio sites for operators

  • Creating one of the most successful short-term accommodation business in Malaysia. In 2017, the Asian Property Review recognized him as “one of the most successful and experienced AirBnB operators in Malaysia”

Ikhram holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Monash University with double majors in Strategic Management and Electronic Commerce.

When he isn’t overseeing the execution of strategy and the development of people and services at Hexa Business, Ikhram enjoys movies, cycling, hiking and food.